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NY-Sun Brings Solar to Your Community

Community Solar NY is a new effort under NY-Sun to make solar easier and more affordable through community-driven initiatives. NYSERDA is supporting these initiatives by providing technical assistance, marketing materials, and funding. 

Shared Renewables

Under the Shared Renewables initiative millions of New Yorkers will be able to choose clean and affordable energy for the first time. Customers can join together to share in the benefits of local solar, wind, and other renewable energy projects. New Yorkers can participate whether or not they own their home, live in an apartment building, or own properties unsuitable for installing solar panels or other clean energy technologies.

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Solarize Your Community

Solarize campaigns are locally-organized community outreach efforts aimed at getting a critical mass of area homes and businesses to install solar. Solarize campaigns bring together widespread community outreach and education, competitive installer selection, and a limited-time offer to bring more customers to solar and provide significant cost savings.

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Another exciting component of NY-Sun is K-Solar, a program to help school districts statewide reduce their energy costs by going solar. A partnership between the New York Power Authority and NYSERDA working with the State Education Department, K-Solar seeks to make solar energy more affordable and therefore more feasible for school districts. Not all schools districts have the resources to research the technology, determine the savings and enter into cost effective purchasing agreements. Under K-Solar, NYPA provides these services free so the only cost to the district is from the solar energy it uses. Find out if your school district can save money by going solar. Visit for more information and to register for this cost free, no obligation program.